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Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story (2018)

A visual narrative of Andrew Jackson Foster whom he was the first deaf African American to graduate from Gallaudet College in 1954 and worked toward achieving his dream of establishing 32 Deaf…

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Football game: Gallaudet College vs University of Delaware (1927)

Gallaudet College vs University of Delaware. Gallaudet College of Washington, D.C. lost the exciting game to the University of Delaware at Kendall Green on November 12, 1927, the score was 12 to 7.

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Museum Exhibition - Draper "Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College"

Museum Exhibition - Draper "Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College" Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College. Presented by Dr. Amos G. Draper. Part of George Veditz's…

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Deaf Film 28-6: Scenes of Gallaudet

Scenes of Gallaudet. Showing of Dr. Elstad, tour at Mt. Vernon and Ft. Dupont Park, Boys-camping, Gallaudet Pharmacy, Capitol Hill, Frat Group, Horticulture class, swimming, rowboat, Football, and…

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Deaf Film 213-4: Wrestling

A wrestling match with Gallaudet vs. Baltimore. Gallaudet loses to Baltimore with a score of 8-20.

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Deaf Film 148-4: Construction of Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Library (EMG) (1956)

Construction of Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Library (EMG). View of the outside construction in progress of the EMG Library and a brief shot of College Hall. Filmed Feb. 20, 1956 with a wide…

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Swimming meet in Fowler Hall (1950)

Swimming meet in Fowler Hall. Women’s swimming meet in the basement of Fowler hall, competition is done by breaststroke and butterfly stroke with two women at a time.

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Recruitment Project - SBG and Merrill (1976)

Recruitment Project - SBG and Merrill. SBG board of directors and Gallaudet College 4th President, Dr. Edward C. Merrill, discuss general problems at Gallaudet College with the administrators. …

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Deaf Mosaic 209

Deaf Mosaic 209. Gallaudet College becomes Gallaudet University, including highlights from special convocation and interview with university president Dr. Jerry C. Lee; EMMY award winner ("Love…

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Deaf Mosaic 204

Deaf Mosaic 204. "What Is Past Is Prologue," a look at the preservation of deaf heritage; Horizon Hospital, a Florida-based mental health facility for the deaf; printing skills, vocational…

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Museum Exhibition - "The Lorna Doone Country" by Edward Miner Gallaudet

Museum Exhibition - EMG The Lorna Doone Country The Lorna Doone Country of Devonshire, England. The story-telling of Lorna Doone Country of Devonshire, England by Dr. Edward M. Gallaudet. Part of…

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Bison Fight Song (1932)

Museum Exhibition - Bison Fight Song 1932 Filming of the Gallaudet College football game. Shows the Gallaudet students who attended to watch, chanting for the Gallaudet football players, and the…

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