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The Feather: The Agatha Tiegel Hanson Story

In 1893, Agatha Tiegel Hanson became the first Deaf woman to graduate from National Deaf Mute College (now Gallaudet University) four year program with a Bachelor of Arts. She was one of the 13…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Ole Jim"

The G files: The Ole Jim. The history of Ole Jim is being shown with old pictures, various events were held at Ole Jim e.g. sports, dances and fraternity meetings. Stories and legends…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: Chapter 3"

The G files: Chapter 3. A tale of two-headed rat on Gallaudet campus with students trying to capture the rat including a brief biology lesson on what could be the cause for two-headed animals.…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: Chapter 1"

The G files: Chapter 1. A tale about the famous coffin door at College Hall with few stories; strange noises, books flying, and freshmen that enter the door will not graduate from…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: Edward Miner Gallaudet"

The G files: Edward Miner Gallaudet. Edward is the son of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, a founder of Deaf Education in America. Edward became the president of Gallaudet when he was 20 in 1864 and died…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: Ghost Light"

The G files: Ghost Light. Rachel was following a red light and met Ryan who shared about the tale of Ghost Light. The Ghost light always appears at Homecoming games when the Bison Song…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Bison"

The G files: The Bison. The story about how Gallaudet University selects its mascot, which is the bison. Explanation about how the University’s campus newspaper got its name, Buff…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Little Iron Dog"

The G files: The Little Iron Dog. A tale about the dog that was called Diamond. Diamond was considered as a source of inspiration for students who struggled to succeed at homework,…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Lost Houses"

The G files: The Lost Houses. The history of the houses that were lost due to demolition and reports of ghosts haunting and strange noises. House 5 was demolished to make room for parking…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Rock Walls"

The G files: The Rock Walls. It was built in April 1982 and its designer was Lloyd Harwell. He was inspired by the famous Stonehenge in England and Farm Crops Circles. Both Stonehenge…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Tower Clock"

The G files: The Tower Clock. Tower Clock itself is one of 65 national landmarks and has historical significance. Tower Clock was built in 1867 and completed in 1871. A tour in the Tower…

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Gary Brooks' "The G files: The Tree"

The G files: The Tree. The story about the oak tree that was used to be in the spot where the statue of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell currently is located on the campus. …

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WDCF - Opening Program

Washington, DC [July 12] – Gallaudet University is proud to host the WorldDeaf Cinema Festival [WDCF] November 4-7, 2010. The four-day conference and competition will bring together both…

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Blue Apple (1994)

Deaf students seek vengeance on their vicious teacher by dabbling in black magic. What they don't realize is their teacher already possesses magical powers and puts a spell on them in…

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Bison TV presents The Button (2016)

A love story of Melville, Deaf civil war soldier whom he search for his long lost girlfriend from the future.

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America's Founders: Friends of the Deaf (2016)

A visual narrative of how Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, with the help of Laurent Clerc and Dr. Mason Cogswell, established schools in America to provide an education for deaf children.

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