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    Gallaudet Technology Services is conducting an inventory update to decommission outdated devices that are no longer supported. Technology Services will turn off this…
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    December 2022 GraduatesCongratulations on your upcoming graduation. This is truly a remarkable achievement! As a graduating student, you are eligible to purchase your…

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    A visual narrative of how Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, with the help of Laurent Clerc and Dr. Mason Cogswell, established schools in America to provide an education for…
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    Life at Gallaudet. Connect with motivated students from across the United States and more than 25 countries. We honor different perspectives and gain strength from…
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    2022 World Deaf Leadership Scholarship Announcement for 2023 Fall

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    Tips to Remain Healthy
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    Tips to Remain Healthy
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    Student and Peer Health Advocate, Jake Bonehyo gives an update to the community on covid-19 AKA the coronavirus.