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Blue Apple (1994)

Deaf students seek vengeance on their vicious teacher by dabbling in black magic. What they don't realize is their teacher already possesses magical powers and puts a spell on them in…

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Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story (2018)

A visual narrative of Andrew Jackson Foster whom he was the first deaf African American to graduate from Gallaudet College in 1954 and worked toward achieving his dream of establishing 32 Deaf…

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America's Founders: Friends of the Deaf (2016)

A visual narrative of how Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, with the help of Laurent Clerc and Dr. Mason Cogswell, established schools in America to provide an education for deaf children.

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Deaf Mosaic 1010

Dedicated services for deaf investors sponsored by Merrill Lynch; a deaf filmmaker; housing discrimination against deaf people; a California horse rancher; and parachuting through the sky.

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Gallaudet Video Presents "Skit with Trick Effects in Masking"

Gallaudet Video Presents Skit with Trick Effects in Masking. Two different comedic skits with trick effects in masking performed by Ernest Marshall. One man appears, sings “Long Time…

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