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Deaf Mosaic 407

Deaf Mosaic 407. Hosts: Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. “The 6th Olympiad 198 A.D.” by Barry White - Annual Mini Deaf Olympics for the ages from 6-18 in Louisville, Kentucky at KSDB.…

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DPN 1988 vol. 16 - Tuesday events 1 of 3 March 8, 1988

DPN 1988 vol. 16 Tuesday events 1 of 3 March 8, 1988 Random interview with several faculty members. One professor, Stephen Lotterman. refuses an interview due to an exam coming up soon. Scenes of a…

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Deaf Mosaic 1012

The BBC's "See Hear" television programme visits Deaf Mosaic's home base in America. A special edition featuring "See Hear" in America, as well as highlights from some…

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Deaf Mosaic 1011

Americorps, the new domestic public service organization, welcomes deaf members; a memorial tribute to Dr. Edward C. Merrill, the fourth president of Gallaudet College; the British Deaf Sports…

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Deaf Mosaic 1010

Dedicated services for deaf investors sponsored by Merrill Lynch; a deaf filmmaker; housing discrimination against deaf people; a California horse rancher; and parachuting through the sky.

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Deaf Mosaic 1009

A Connecticut homebuilder/remodeler; services for abused women; the Social Security Administration simplies deaf accessibility; the New York Deaf Theatre; and British deaf children learn how to…

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Deaf Mosaic 1008

Chicago television reporter, Karen Meyer; "Inclusion" - should deaf children be mainstreamed?; deaf actor Howie Seago in Seattle; 911 service update for deaf citizens. From the BBC's…

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Deaf Mosaic 1007

MSSD Road Show '94. Deaf Mosaic joins the Model Secondary School for the Deaf's Road Show on tour in The Netherlands.

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Deaf Mosaic 1006

Deaf gang members in Los Angeles; "In the Land of the Deaf", a French documentary, opens to acclaim in America; from Ireland's "Sign of the Times", another visit to the Pan…

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Deaf Mosaic 1005

The First Convention of the National Association of Native American Deaf; Hot food at the Ragin Cajun restaurant; Goodwill Industries provides services and jobs to people with special needs; Rabbi…

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Deaf Mosaic 1004

The story of a family reunited after more than 40 years of separation; pet tattoos; an AIDS hotline for deaf people; and arts accessibility at Washington's Kennedy Center. From Ireland's…

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Deaf Mosaic 1102

The Final Episode: Deaf Mosaic takes a stop on the Information Superhighway with Clarknet; deaf models Kellie Drew and Brad Minns take Florida and the world by storm; a deaf Washington, D.C. woman,…

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Deaf Mosaic 311

Deaf Mosaic 311. “Bringing in the Vote,” by Faith Powell. Deaf involvement in the presidential campaign of Gov. Michael Dukakis in Boston, Massachusetts. “Bond of Love,”…

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Deaf Mosaic 306

Deaf Mosaic 306. Ronnie Milliorn and Shelly Lilly of Santa Fe demonstrate their rodeo talents; advances in deaf telecommunications; Dwight Benedict, head of the U.S. team for the World Winter Games…

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Deaf Mosaic 305

Deaf Mosaic 305. Dr. Cesar Servellon, a Salvadoran native whose medical career was changed by his sudden deafness; Michael Schwartz, New York City Assistant District Attorney, talks about his work…

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Deaf Mosaic 211

Mosaic 211. Mark Fisher, young deaf animator, working on next Don Bluth animated film, with excerpts from his own proposed film featuring animated signing characters; Amnon Damti, deaf Israeli…

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