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Deaf Mosaic 311

Deaf Mosaic 311. “Bringing in the Vote,” by Faith Powell. Deaf involvement in the presidential campaign of Gov. Michael Dukakis in Boston, Massachusetts. “Bond of Love,”…

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Deaf Mosaic 310

Deaf Mosaic 310. National Theatre of the Deaf 20th Anniversary season, including excerpts from "The Dybbuk" and interviews with performers Andy Vasnick, Perry Lee, Elena Blue and Sandi…

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Deaf Mosaic 204

Deaf Mosaic 204. "What Is Past Is Prologue," a look at the preservation of deaf heritage; Horizon Hospital, a Florida-based mental health facility for the deaf; printing skills, vocational…

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Deaf Mosaic 105

Deaf Mosaic 105. Host Gil Eastman, Reporter Luanne Kowalski. 200th Birthday of Laurent Clerc. Dr. Harlan Lane - "When the Mind Hears". Rev. Henry Syle, first Deaf Episcopal Priest.…

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My Third Eye (1971)

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