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Gallaudet Theatre Arts Presents "Telling Stories" (1989)

Gallaudet Theatre Arts Presents Telling Stories. Using symbols and myths drawn from the struggles between the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing, this nonverbal, gestural play fascinates…

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Gallaudet Theatre 2 of 2 (Untitled)

untitled Theatre 2 of 2 barcode: 0001849 tape location: George Veditz Vault 1V5.1

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Gallaudet Theatre 1 of 2 (Untitled)

untitled Gallaudet Theatre 1 of 2 barcode: 0001849 tape location: George Veditz Vault 1V5.1

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Deaf Mosaic 408

Deaf Mosaic 408. World Deaf Timberfest in Salem, Oregon; Japanese Deaf Theatre; "Thrills, Chills and Spills," Deaf Awareness Day at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.; author and historian…

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Deaf Mosaic 407

Deaf Mosaic 407. Hosts: Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. “The 6th Olympiad 198 A.D.” by Barry White - Annual Mini Deaf Olympics for the ages from 6-18 in Louisville, Kentucky at KSDB.…

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Deaf Mosaic 1009

A Connecticut homebuilder/remodeler; services for abused women; the Social Security Administration simplies deaf accessibility; the New York Deaf Theatre; and British deaf children learn how to…

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Deaf Mosaic 1006

Deaf gang members in Los Angeles; "In the Land of the Deaf", a French documentary, opens to acclaim in America; from Ireland's "Sign of the Times", another visit to the Pan…

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Deaf Mosaic 1004

The story of a family reunited after more than 40 years of separation; pet tattoos; an AIDS hotline for deaf people; and arts accessibility at Washington's Kennedy Center. From Ireland's…

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Deaf Mosaic 311

Deaf Mosaic 311. “Bringing in the Vote,” by Faith Powell. Deaf involvement in the presidential campaign of Gov. Michael Dukakis in Boston, Massachusetts. “Bond of Love,”…

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Deaf Mosaic 310

Deaf Mosaic 310. National Theatre of the Deaf 20th Anniversary season, including excerpts from "The Dybbuk" and interviews with performers Andy Vasnick, Perry Lee, Elena Blue and Sandi…

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Deaf Mosaic 304

Deaf Mosaic 304. "A River Life" profiles Maggie Lee Sayre, whose photos are the only reminder of a now-vanished Tennessee River culture; part II of the profile of Bernard Bragg; Marlee…

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Deaf Mosaic 208

Deaf Mosaic 208. NAD's Youth Leadership Camp in Pengilly, Minnesota; the Hayes family, who have taken togetherness to sea; deaf actor Howie Seago, star of the American National Theatre -…

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Deaf Mosaic 205

Deaf Mosaic 205. C.A.S.T. (Chicagoland Advocates for Signed Theatre); Julie Bartee, teenage deaf spokesperson for the United Way; 1986 Great Lakes Regional Bowling tournament; Arizona teacher James…

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Deaf Mosaic 204

Deaf Mosaic 204. "What Is Past Is Prologue," a look at the preservation of deaf heritage; Horizon Hospital, a Florida-based mental health facility for the deaf; printing skills, vocational…

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Deaf Mosaic 105

Deaf Mosaic 105. Host Gil Eastman, Reporter Luanne Kowalski. 200th Birthday of Laurent Clerc. Dr. Harlan Lane - "When the Mind Hears". Rev. Henry Syle, first Deaf Episcopal Priest.…

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My Third Eye (1971)

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