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Hello everyone,Alex: My name is Alex Leffers – GSC Chair, I have no sign name, just fingerspell AlexDanilo: My name is Danilo Torres, OESOC Media Specialist, sign name what?Alex: GSC and OESOC…

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2020 GSC General Elections - Jennie Sivak for Administration Representative

Hi! I'm Jennie Sivak and I serve as the Title IX Coordinator for Gallaudet University and Clerc Center. I am interested in becoming a GSC representative for the Administration division since I…

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2020 GSC General Elections - Alex Leffers for EDI Representative

Why are you interested in becoming a GSC officer/representative?I’m interested in making a difference for Gallaudet’s staff. I’ve been serving as Chair of Marketing for three years…

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2020 GSC General Elections - Nikki Surber for Chair

Why am I interested in becoming the GSC Chair?GSC has grown so much in the past couple of years that it’s becoming more recognized as a potent force in shared governance at Gallaudet and Clerc…

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Vivienne Schroeder

GSC Rep for Academic Affairs

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Tamer Mahmoud, GSC Chair

Hello, I’m Tamer Mahmoud and I work as the Web Developer for the ASLPI. My role within GSC? I’m the current GSC Chair.What does a (representative/officer) do and what do you enjoy the…

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Stephanie Roche GSC Representative

Hello, my name is Stephanie Roche`. I am the support staff for the department of Interpretation and Translation. I also support the department of Linguistics.What skill(s) have you learned and/or…

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Jared Evans

Hi, my name is Jared Evans. I work with Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) as an Information Security Officer (ISO).How do I connect with our community through GSC?There are two ways I connect to…

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Elvia Guillermo, GSC Rep for EDI shares her experience

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Christopher Hoffmann

INTRODUCE YOURSELF, NAME OF YOUR DEPARTMENT YOU WORK WITH, AND WHAT IS YOUR ROLE WITH GSC? Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Hoffmann from the Office of Campus Design and Planning. I am on the…

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