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The Feather: The Agatha Tiegel Hanson Story

In 1893, Agatha Tiegel Hanson became the first Deaf woman to graduate from National Deaf Mute College (now Gallaudet University) four year program with a Bachelor of Arts. She was one of the 13…

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WDCF - Opening Program

Washington, DC [July 12] – Gallaudet University is proud to host the WorldDeaf Cinema Festival [WDCF] November 4-7, 2010. The four-day conference and competition will bring together both…

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Blue Apple (1994)

Deaf students seek vengeance on their vicious teacher by dabbling in black magic. What they don't realize is their teacher already possesses magical powers and puts a spell on them in…

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Bison TV presents The Button (2016)

A love story of Melville, Deaf civil war soldier whom he search for his long lost girlfriend from the future.

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Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story (2018)

A visual narrative of Andrew Jackson Foster whom he was the first deaf African American to graduate from Gallaudet College in 1954 and worked toward achieving his dream of establishing 32 Deaf…

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America's Founders: Friends of the Deaf (2016)

A visual narrative of how Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, with the help of Laurent Clerc and Dr. Mason Cogswell, established schools in America to provide an education for deaf children.

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Class of 1952 (1990)

Class of '52. The history of deaf black children at the Kendall School from the late 1800's to the early 1950's. The poor education that was given to the deaf children, however it…

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Gallaudet Theatre Arts Presents "Telling Stories" (1989)

Gallaudet Theatre Arts Presents Telling Stories. Using symbols and myths drawn from the struggles between the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing, this nonverbal, gestural play fascinates…

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Mark S. Fisher - "Deaf Way Must Continue" (2006)

Mark S. Fisher - "Deaf Way Must Continue" Deaf Community Series 48th Biennial Conference of the National Association of the DeafPalm Springs, CAJune 29-July 3, 2006

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Gallaudet Video Presents "A Voice in the Dark" (1921)

"A deaf witness to murder accuses a young woman on the basis of what she saw; a blind witness correctly identifies the guilty party on the basis of an overheard conversation, and thereby frees…

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The Deaf Community's Tribute to Langston Hughes of the Harlem Renaissance

The film is created to honor of one of America’s leading 20th century writers, black poet, and novelist. Langston Hughes’ poetry has been translated in many different languages. The…

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Gallaudet Video Presents "The Preservation of Sign Language" August 24, 1913

George W. Veditz.shares a few words about the importance of preserving Sign Language. George mentioned that deaf people must be hard-hearted to those teachers who think they know everything but they…

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The Deaf Way One "Sign Language and Education" (1989)

1989 The Deaf Way One "Sign Language and Education" July 13, 1989 Dr. Garretson introduces Dr. Robert Davila, whom is the moderator for two guest speakers. The first presenter is Serena…

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Laro Club (NY) (circa 1950)

At picnic, Men’s hanging clothes contest, men and women's s potato sack race contest, hammering nails on wood contest, pie-eating contest, egg throwing contest, tug of war, banquet, dance,…

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Laro Club (NY) (1953)

Laro Club, Part four. Laro Club’s banquet, 15th anniversary 1938-1953, 25th anniversary (1938-1963) silver jubilee banquet of the Laro Club, skits as mime, and Mexican dances.

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Museum Exhibition - Draper "Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College"

Museum Exhibition - Draper "Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College" Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College. Presented by Dr. Amos G. Draper. Part of George Veditz's…

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