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Deaf Mosaic 301

Deaf Mosaic 301. "Mosaic of Mosaics." A collection of highlights from DEAF MOSAIC's first two years. Deaf portraits of different famous deaf people in history, including a clip from…

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Deaf Mosaic 108

Deaf Mosaic 108. Host Gil Eastman, Reporter Larry Berke. Guest Bruce Hlibok - "Passions of Rita H." Youth Scholars Program at Gallaudet, Director Dr. Richard Meisegeier. Students Todd…

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Deaf Mosaic 104

Deaf Mosaic 104. Hosts Gil Eastman, Rachel Harris. Guest Apperances: Carl & Thelma Schroeder, Eric Malzkuhn on the National Theater of the Deaf. Deaf People, Deaf-Blind People, and Education in…

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